Jasmine’s Urban Session – New Jersey Photographer

The last time I photographed my niece was in 2012 and she was only 12 years old. At the beginning of my career, I used my family as subjects to practice, recreate an idea I liked and to help promote myself since I had no clientele. Thanks to my family, my business grew and my weekends began to fill up with sessions. A busy schedule lead to limited time to photograph anyone besides my clients and my kiddos.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year has been full of several changes (good ones I assure you). I started photography because I always loved snapping photos and I thought what better hobby than one that I loved. Almost 4 years later and I have improved in my craft so much! BUT I haven’t shot anything outside of “work” (booked clients) and my kiddos. I want to get in touch with the inner-artist and photograph the random things my mind desires. That’s where this session came from; my niece is absolutely gorgeous and I want to give her a gift that years from now she can look at and smile.

Meet my niece, Jasmine, my boo 😛 15 years young <3

jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-1 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-2 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-3 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-4 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-5 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-6 jasmines-urban-session-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-7

I will offer ONE session a month to anyone outside of my specialty (maternity+newborn+children) such as couples, older children, teens, etc. If you’re interested please contact me ASAP.

xo, Melz

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