Terrell’s 3 Month Milestone Session – Bloomfield, New Jersey Baby Photographer

Terrell’s 3 month milestone session was far from easy (sort of like his newborn session) BUT he does NOT disappoint because he looks so gorgeous in all of his images! I even edited some of him crying because those are the moments we forget about but when we look back at them we laugh! Babies grow so fast and for that reason I am looking forward to documenting his first year of life for his parents (and family). Check out Terrell:

terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-1 terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-2 terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-3 terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-4 terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-5 terrells-3-month-milestone-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-6

xo, Melz

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