Daily Archives: May 18, 2013


I LOVE all my clients, but Jesi is extra special, I’m not sure why though…maybe it’s because she values my work and is just soooo cool! The day of Jordan’s session, she was going thru A LOT, I mean, A LOT…but she remained calm…cool and collective!! Jordan was NOT really into being a super model this time around (he was in studio last fall) and she remained patient, not regular let me count to 10 patient, but that natural patient! LOL I’m serious! Anyways, big brothers were helpful and even got a shot with their little brother Jordan. Jordan went from average soon to be toddler, to a circus lion to the grand birthday boy that he will be soon! Check it out: Special thanks to: Lion outfit: Simply Sweet Baby Hats “ONE” Banner: Whimsical Paper Creations by Josie

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