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It’s always a good feeling to hear a client say they are picky and have been searching for the right photographer, luckily I always eat my humble pie for breakfast and just smile. The photography industry has TONS of photographers and to hear those words, it’s just reassuring and reminding you “hey keep up the good work”.  Anywoot, Andrea was a pleasure to work with and her daughters were so awesome!! The session didn’t take any longer than 60 minutes, that my friend is a breeze!! They were SOOOO excited to go to Paris…yes one of their set ups were Paris and they seriously couldn’t hold back the excitement, check it out: . This photo shoot is a gift to their daddy for Father’s Day and I am thrilled they did so well and that I was part of their perfect gift! My husband loves his girls and as much as I overwhelm him with photos…I know he would be over the moon if I gave him photos as a gift….so never think photos aren’t the perfect gift, you can NEVER go wrong with photos! Check out the rest of the shoot: (ps….the vintage set up is my FAVE, they look so sweet!  

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