Pensive Thursday

Where do I begin? I have been on this photographer journey for almost 3 years and I still find myself not fully content with my accomplishments. How could I not be you are thinking? I am booked thru the end of my working days before I go on maternity leave but I still don’t feel fully satisfied with where I am today. To be honest, I don’t know why. People can say “hey, it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s not about how many likes you receive when sharing photos via social media” but to me it means something and to only reach so little of my followers it stings and makes me question myself. Like any other artist, let alone individual, I am insecure and that my friends is what drives me crazy. Why should I be insecure and allow “likes” to dictate my satisfaction with my own work? I’ll tell you why, because deep down I am an entrepreneur  a person who majored in Business {I didn’t graduate BUT I did complete almost 2 years of college :-)}and knows exactly what success is and I don’t think I’m quite there yet.melz-photography-on-the-go

I am a working mother of two, married and oh I am also expecting my 3rd blessing. Juggling everything is so hard at times, but I get it done. I don’t know how….but I gets it done! I am so tough on myself, family and close friends always say “Melz take it easy, don’t do so much etc” but how can I when I have certain goals and aspirations for myself, Melz. I love having my day job, love proving the stereotypes wrong, you know the ones who talk crap when they find out I’m 25 and going on baby #3? Yes, those idiots. I love having that steady income, love tackling different obstacles, finding solutions and just doing what I do best, lalalalove it. But you know what I love most? Meeting new people and literally freezing a moment in their life or their child’s life where they will look back at and say “awww look at ….”, I LOVE THAT! So that is my daily battle with myself, juggling my “regular” (for lack of a better word) and then juggling another part of who I’ve become, Melz the Photog.


Now let’s go back to why I’m not as content as I should be: as a photographer, I invest in everything, whether it’s making sure I get the perfect prop that will be mutli-purposed and doesn’t collect dust. Yes, that’s one of the many things we photogs worry about. Am I giving my clients everything I’ve got? I think to myself, HELL YEA. Quality, simplistic memorable photographs. That’s what it’s all about, that’s why I’m doing this and working my eyes out, for YOU! However, my biggest flaw is, after a session is done, the relationship sometimes ends but maybe it’s because people don’t realize they can follow my work via this site, Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it’s because some people just don’t care, where hey, I get that…there’s a lot of services I get and I never need a follow up. I think the root of all my dissatisfaction is thinking TOO much. Like this entire paragraph, I’m thinking TOO much. I want to do too much and not take it step by step, I’m a small girl with big dreams, I’m too wise for my own good, that’s the damn problem.

Melz Photography - Newborn Photographer

Here’s my solution: I want my main communication to start right here, on this site. I want people to get notified when I post something so that they can check what’s new by following a link…why the hell should I let Facebook or Instagram dictate anything? Shoot if anything this site should dictate. People who follow me here, genuinely care about Melz Photography and that makes me happy. So to all my subscribers  share this post with whoever you can and just start spreading the word….I am now booking for this upcoming fall October-December and will only be taking 4 sessions a month, I said that before and overbooked myself…this time I’m serious! Because I just took you thru the roller-coaster of thoughts I have every day to remind myself that I am doing AWESOME! You know why I say I am, because my 4 yr old reminds me every day!


Thank you for reading my roller-coaster xo,

Melz the Photog


xo, Melz

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