My Maternity Session with Gricel’s Photography

What a blessing it is to have someone I can relate to, have photography related rants with, talented, humble and actually be amazing! Gricel has been my photographer since June 2012 and I am so happy crossed paths because she is truly a kick ass photographer! She is primarily a wedding photographer but still shoots maternity/family sessions here and there….THANK GOD! As many of you know, I am expecting my 3rd (and final) baby this September and of course Gricel was one of the very first to know and I legit booked my session with her in my first trimester, crazy right? I am organized and plan ahead what can I say 🙂

I’ve never had a maternity session and I felt it was only right with the last pregnancy…and especially because God blessed me with a boy this time around (WOOHOO), but before we jump to the photos…Gricel also photographed my gender reveal…..here is a quick pic:



Okay, now back to my maternity session! So I really wanted to do a beach session and this pregnancy worked our perfect time wise, we planned it for July (which made me 31wks). If you haven’t noticed, here is a hint on my style of photography: simplicity, primary focus is always my subject – so I wanted to make sure to stick to this for my own photos. I contacted my favorite vendor Wisely Created Originals and requested TWO very special outfits: a yellow lace dress and top/skirt with matching headband! And of course I also had to order my girls matching head pieces to match their momma’s yellow lace dress!

I also hired a make-up artist, Mrs. Ruiz and she did an amazing job! Follow her on Instagram/Facebook

My hair was done by my beautiful friend, Taina….she was the one with the cute little 2 year old who didn’t like the “cake smash” idea…remember? (look here)

Now I am ready to show you all of my top faves, it was so hard to select….oh WAIT! There’s a funny story I have to share…we were supposed to leave the house at 5am to arrive at beach at 6am, guess who overslept? Me!!!!! YES! I was so so so so afraid my day was ruined …but guess what? It wasn’t because…..

The weather was PERFECT, my husband behaved wonderfully (he is Mr Cranky pants in the heat but luckily the beach isn’t too hot because of the breeze) and my children were good sports (even tho Miah was a little complicated which is so weird because she doesn’t give me a hard time with photos lol but Gricel captured them good)! Can’t thank Gricel enough for these precious photos!!!

Gricel’s info: www.GricelsPhotography.com  / info@gricelsphotography.com


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xo, Melz

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