Zayla’s 2nd Birthday Session

My close friends daughter turns 2 this month and boy does she dislike photos! The girl likes me but only when my camera isn’t around…once I point it at her she gets so straight faced! It’s pretty hilarious to me, she has been by far the most complicated toddler for me to photograph and guess what? It didn’t matter, I still took advantage and was able to get some pretty awesome photos of her! She is a beauty and that’s all you really need…not always do children need to be “posed” perfectly. Sometimes the best photos are the “in the moment” kind!

We got some nice haze shot with her momma:


Then we got some of her and momma playing..and she even got dizzy:


Then momma tickled her and she LOVED it:


Oh..then there was a “cake smash” that we foolishly thought a 2 yr old would enjoy…but I have to admit it was funny to watch a  toddler get upset she was dirty..haha:

Cake from Jimmy’s Cakes


These photos are pretty rewarding for me, it wasn’t the easiest but I’m glad my friend was patient (like me) and hacked it out and made it work! Thank you friend!

xo, Melz

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