Little rascals room makeover

Hello my dear followers and world wide web…I finally found the time to post this lovely blog on my little rascals room makeover! Of course I wanted to post this before my son was born but that was almost impossible! Well…here it is:

Special shout out to each and every vendor who helped this dream room come to life!

Interior Designer, Christine from Amelia’s Decorating and Design LLC. – she painted frames, made bow holder, curtain and bracelet holder and of course pulled every detail together for me 🙂

Children’s bedding: Etsy shop, SweetDreamsBedding 

Yellow Giraffe Pillow on wall unit: Etsy shop, CecilClyde

Polka dot, Chevron & Stripe pillows on toy chest: Etsy shop, ShadoBox

Giraffe pillow on toy chest: Etsy shop, PopOfColorPillows

Dresser Knobs/Wall art knobs: Etsy shop, LeilasLoft

Closet organizer: 

Bins on wall unit and changing table, small yellow chairs and rug: Ikea

I wanted something colorful yet unisex that wouldn’t be too “boyish” or “girlish” — luckily I have a secret weapon and her name is Christine! She has this raw talent of making your vision come to life, keeps it real throughout the process, she never forces anything on you and is always attentive. So thankful for her, Christine we LOVE you <3

B is for Books, the wall unit has always been part of the littel rascals room and we just needed to keep it more organized and the top bins helped a lot!


Crayons are to color but you have to get pass Miah to color 😛


Excited for baby brother Maison 🙂


The makeover is Myla approved! The frames will be filled with beautiful photos from my son’s newborn session…those pics will be coming soon!



unisex-kid-room-melz-photography-7 unisex-kid-room-melz-photographyunisex-kid-room-melz-photography-8 unisex-kid-room-melz-photography-9

I highly recommend all vendors and hope you all love their room as much as we do! 🙂


xo, Melz

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