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OH EM GEE. Sebastian was such a pleasure to have in the studio…he was absolutely scrumptious and his smiles were contagious! He was so awesome that his session was over and done with within 40-50 minutes…that’s every photographers wish…or maybe I’m used to the newborn session that take 2-3 hours….no se (Spanish for I don’t know) but it was short and sweet 😀 check out the little chunkster, and I say that with the most respect to Mr Sebas 😛 Never to early for some gobble gobble look at that leg…. watch out for Sebastian…he will be a boxer according to Daddy 😎 By far my fave boy set up…dying to do a girl version tho 😀 Christmas…the set up he did not want anything to do with…but we got him..sorta 😀  

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I’ve had the privilege to photograph this family back in July 2012 {just about the beginning of my career as a photographer} – I photographed their son at a month old and it was so much fun. Fast forward 2 years and Sara contacted me for some much needed photos; we were first scheduled for sometime in June but as you all know, life is crazy and we had to keep pushing the date. This was my first family session since my return from maternity leave. It wasn’t an easy session, let’s just say Julian did not want anything to do with me lol….but as always parents and I always make it work out! Check out this lovely family:

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Seriously, it feels awesome to be back in action – my top fave kind of photography welcomed me back: maternity and newborn! This maternity session was so simplistic (as most of my sessions) but special (as always :-P) for this momma – this was where this lovely couple took their wedding photos. Joanna was referred to me by my lovely client gone friend Celi (check out her session while you at it bu clicking here) and I of course was SUPER excited about capturing this moment in her life! Joanna and her family are expecting a baby girl this November and I cannot wait to meet her! Check it out:  

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So I am officially back in action as of this past weekend and man does it feel awesome! ANDDD what better way to start with a set of newborn twin girls; granted to us newborn photographers, newborns are 12 days or less….these little ladies marked a month exactly the day of their session. I think I was flexible with accepting this as a newborn session because my son was just born and I’ll be damned if you tell me he isn’t a newborn, to me he is still fresh out the womb LOL! Anywoot, this was not an easy session, of course it wouldn’t be, babies are well aware of their surroundings and know when it’s photo shoot time. It’s like newborns talk to each other and let one another know what it’s all about…okay maybe not but seriously I always tell clients, bring loads of mlik, blankets, diapers…and patience :-P. Newborn sessions can go from 1 – 4 hours long but I would not change it for anything in the world! Paula, your girls put up a fight but I am glad we won the fight as a team and I hope you love the photos…check it out guys: This was the first set up….which they did not want anything to do with…so here is a little blooper 😀 Ahhaaaaaa, we won! Twins-1 Us-1 😛 Vintage sweetness!   Mermaids…okay maybe not but def beachy…we miss you summer 🙂 Two peas in a pod type thing….

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Where do I begin? Sigh….today at 10:23am my son turned exactly one month and I can’t believe it! Let’s go down memory lane…. On Sunday, January 13th I found out I was pregnant OMGGGGG….another baby…we hoped for a boyyyyyyy….. Spring 2013 we found out that our wish came true…it indeed was a BOY! (photo credit to Gricel) One of the very first people to know before some of my close friends was my photographer, Gricel…yes that’s the kind of relationship photographers build with clients/friends. In that moment we literally discussed my potential maternity beach session…yes I am that good that I did the math quickly…I’d be in my 3rd trimester during the summer and that’s all I ever wanted…a beautiful beach session! Click on photo below to re-visit my maternity session that Gricel should win an award for 😀 {seriousllllyyyyyy} Gricel even captured the little special moments in my mini baby shower…yes I’m a tad obsessed with her work and hire her whenever I can: Fast-forward a little on September 7th at 10:23am my gorgeous 6lb 15oz and 18.5″ long son was born: Maison!  This session was a collaboration between Grivel & myself….it was the TOUGHEST NEWBORN SESSION! My 2 yr old was not cooperating, she only likes when I photograph her…she’s a momma’s girl & a brat LOL – Maison was not feeling good & I didn’t realize until after the session….but Gricel still managed to get some sweet photos. Big thank you to her, we lalalalove ya girly! Check it out:   and …

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