Sebastian’s 5 month session

OH EM GEE. Sebastian was such a pleasure to have in the studio…he was absolutely scrumptious and his smiles were contagious! He was so awesome that his session was over and done with within 40-50 minutes…that’s every photographers wish…or maybe I’m used to the newborn session that take 2-3 hours….no se (Spanish for I don’t know) but it was short and sweet 😀 check out the little chunkster, and I say that with the most respect to Mr Sebas 😛

Never to early for some gobble gobble


look at that leg….


watch out for Sebastian…he will be a boxer according to Daddy 😎


By far my fave boy set up…dying to do a girl version tho 😀

children-sebastian-melz-photography-4 children-sebastian-melz-photography-5

Christmas…the set up he did not want anything to do with…but we got him..sorta 😀



xo, Melz

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