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What a roller coaster 2013 has been, I’ve been thru so much physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally AND regardless I remain thankful. i Keep looking at the glass half full, keep reminding myself to keep MY faith and remove all MY worries I may have. I am thankful 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…life is too precious and short for anything else. May you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones and may God continue to bless you! Remember to count your blessings even when they are disguised as troubles. Here is what I am thankful for THEE MOST, my children, the ones who have each entered my life and taught me more lessons than I’d ever think little souls could teach. They’ve taught me the most important lesson ever..they taught me to LOVE wholeheartedly even when it seems like I shouldn’t. I LOVE YOU! and as always…my children give me the hardest time to photograph them…especially the little ones! 🙂 love the realness behind these photos..this is my life…Myla being a clown always smiling my second little one, Miah always crying because she thinks she is the boss…Myla smiling and Maison pissed they don’t give him room to breathe Myla trying to cheer Miah up and Maison just chillen as the drama surrounds him haha 😀 Maison smiling with his poppa Surprised I didn’t get a “perfect” shot? I’m not, because children aren’t perfect…they are perfectly imperfect and sometimes these kind of photos mean the most …

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