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What a roller coaster 2013 has been for me; it’s been nice knowing you but I am ready for 2014! Thank you to all of my clients, supporters and especially my family for supporting me on this journey! Our last breakfast of 2013: Total of 21 children sessions: Total of 11 maternity sessions: Total of 14 newborn sessions: That’s an amazing 46 sessions! Again, THANK YOU and I hope to see some returning faces in 2014!  From my family to yours: Have a SAFE and lovely New Years Eve and Happy New Year!

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I totally wanted to take family photos, sibling photos, individual photos of my kiddos but only got around to my little guy…Myla & Miah if you ever see this…mommy loves you ALL equally BUT Maison is the baby and I promise to make it up to you! Being a mother of THREE keeps me on my toes, I’m always busy and I hope to have more time for fun photo shoots of my own kiddos this coming year! Anywoot….THANK YOU to everyone for all the support this year. It means the world to me and I can’t wait to see who will be in studio next year {hoping lots of newborns, babies and preggo-licious mommas}! Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones! BTW, don’t have a Christmas card or anything…just share my blog or photo LOL 🙂 This lovely set is by Nicole’s Breast Friends: Facebook|Instagram the shades was totally Myla’s idea…LOL

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Mark Jr was an adorable newborn (check here) and my GOODNESS his adorability{totally made that up} has not decreased…he is seriously one of the most gorgeous soon-to-be-one little guys ever! Nelly God bless your little man! He was such a sport and was a blast to photograph! From reading to eating is MJ: “mom i promise to love you forever and always keep you at number one”…or maybe he was just playing around and showing the number one…i think mommy would like the first best 😀 the black and white is so lovely!   

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Shelly and I were expecting mommas at the same time, we were both expecting baby boys (her first baby and my 3rd..wowsers I know three?!) and I finally got to meet her little guy after seeing him thru Instagram just about daily. AND OMG he is such a chunkster! Seriously he outweighs my little guy and he wassssss sooooo cute and sweet. He came to the studio at 5 weeks old and that’s normally not considered a newborn…well not to us photographers because babies photograph best at 12 days or less. You might get lucky and have some newborns that will sleep longer than others but normally we have to work our magic even more…needless to say..I hope you love the photos Shelly! I even gave you some toe shots…because little things like toes we end up missing when our babies grow up…..or maybe that’s just me? LOL what a sweet photo of this family the many faces of Angel:  top left: this sucks, mom top right: mom, this is boring bottom left: yeaaa ma..i love you too bottom right: get her out of my face maaaa   he got excited, he liked me…what can i say must be the googoogaga-talk 🙂 ohhhhh the precious toeshhhhhh that lovely yellow/mustard we all love    

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Sweet little 14 day new Isabella did NOT want anything to do with photos. She slept maybe 30% of the session and was a true fighter 😛 I was super worried thinking “oh noooo did I lose my “touch” due to maternity leave?” Luckily, two weeks later as I edit the photos…I know for sure I did NOT in fact lose my magic touch…. She was my very first blondie in studio and her big sister was very helpful, remained patient throughout the entire session. Here is a quick reminder on who the family is, did their maternity photos back in here Meet Isabella:      Seriously how SWEET is this photo! Proud big sister! Nothing like bare babes! I am now booking maternity+newborn bundles for 2014, please share this blog and help spread the word – thank you for support.

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I love to see my little clients return for their first birthday photos! Anthony was born on Christmas Eve and he was my very last newborn for 2012, you can check out his session by clicking here. The beginning of this year was extremely busy for me, and I warned all my potential/current clients to book early to guarantee availability and Michelle booked quickly! Love when clients book in advance. This session was short and sweet just like little Anthony. Btw, this little guy has gorgeous big eyes and I used to stare at his momma’s Instagram photos like “whoa what a handsome kid with gorgeous eyes!” a little before and after… those eyesssssss    a yummy cake made by his aunty…       

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