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Shelly and I were expecting mommas at the same time, we were both expecting baby boys (her first baby and my 3rd..wowsers I know three?!) and I finally got to meet her little guy after seeing him thru Instagram just about daily. AND OMG he is such a chunkster! Seriously he outweighs my little guy and he wassssss sooooo cute and sweet. He came to the studio at 5 weeks old and that’s normally not considered a newborn…well not to us photographers because babies photograph best at 12 days or less. You might get lucky and have some newborns that will sleep longer than others but normally we have to work our magic even more…needless to say..I hope you love the photos Shelly! I even gave you some toe shots…because little things like toes we end up missing when our babies grow up…..or maybe that’s just me? LOL what a sweet photo of this family the many faces of Angel:  top left: this sucks, mom top right: mom, this is boring bottom left: yeaaa ma..i love you too bottom right: get her out of my face maaaa   he got excited, he liked me…what can i say must be the googoogaga-talk 🙂 ohhhhh the precious toeshhhhhh that lovely yellow/mustard we all love    

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