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My son marked four months on life on the 7th and I’ve been ready to take this photos of this particular outfit since early December. As you all know, Maison is my third baby and my final chance in enjoying the beautiful milestones of a new baby. I’ve tried to breastfeed all three of my babies but never passed the two week mark BUT this time around I’ve been breastfeeding FOUR months strong! I mean it’s been a HARD four months, but it’s been a blessing to have this beautiful bond with your little one. It is simply amazing and something to take pride in to watch my son grow and live because of the breast-milk my body produces for him. I remember my son being as little as 5 days old when I had to give him his first little one and half ounce of similac….my god my heart hurt so much. I remember crying because I felt like I failed him and as if I was a bad mother. There was my one friend who I literally would text all sorts of hours and consistently ask for help or vent on how I wanted to give up. My lovely Celi, (click here to see who she is :-D) my goodness you were heaven sent! Thank you for always encouraging me and always responding when I always needed you! Even tho I had to pump to feed, I did it. I was not going to let this little bump on our journey stop me, I was and still am determined …

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