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This year, we plan to have a very heart-shaped Valentine’s Day dinner and treats with our children! We will have heart-shaped burgers (with regular fries) and heart-shaped freshly baked cookies! We cannot wait until tonight, it’s all about love and fancy dinners…and let’s be honest heart shaped burgers are fancy :-P!! Hope you are all having a nice day and have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to comment with what you’ll be doing 🙂 I’d love to read all about it! by the way…why are my kiddos the most complicated to photograph as a group?! I know I’m not the only momtog (photographer that is a mother) who has this struggle haha…see for yourselves: Maison is 5 months now! All happy  and sort of cooperating… guys look at meeee….meeee….mememememe (singing that) okay how about silly faces….of course they like that idea except Maison hahaha Maison’s bowtie and Miah’s blue headband are from Wisely Crafted Originals Maison’s hat is from Knots

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Wyneair, oh sweet Wyneair! 18 days new and already full of smiles; the crazy part is I did not get ONE captured smile….he preferred to smile in my arms as I worked my magic (you know the rocking and cuddling :)). His session was a blast and we had so much fun…..can’t get enough of newborns! I am currently looking to book 5 newborns for March/April, if you know of any, please send them my way! Now here is the sweetest baby boy who although his smiles were only for me to see…..I’m sure these photos will make you feel all warm inside during this snowstorm and make you smile 😀 Silk Mohair hat: Photogandfriend Stud hat: Knots Blue/Red hat: SimplySweet Baby Hats Valentine hat: Bow Tweet Babies- newborn photography props

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I must admit having another client come from NY makes me feel pretty awesome (just a little). Dalila’s cousin (Jessica) was so sweet to gift her cousin with one of my packages! Dalila is expecting her first baby and they are pretty excited! She asked if her dog could come to the studio to be part of the photos and I said “sure, of course”! I’ll be honest, I was expecting a lap dog, you know those small tiny ones? But nope it was a pit-bull and my god…she is the sweetest and FULL of energy! The energy my girls LOVED! Seriously, all my girls wanted do is play with her, they tried to sneak in the studio but of course there was only playing after the session was completed :)! This was the first time having a pet incorporated in photos and it was fun! Hoping to see this lovely couple once their little diva (totally the name Dalila gave her, which I think is adorable) arrives! Check it out   

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This lovely princess what an absolute joy to photograph. It feels so good to have newborns in the studio, they are so sweet and new! Check out these proud parents and their BEAUTIFUL little girl, Kaylani Rose:

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