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I must admit having another client come from NY makes me feel pretty awesome (just a little). Dalila’s cousin (Jessica) was so sweet to gift her cousin with one of my packages! Dalila is expecting her first baby and they are pretty excited! She asked if her dog could come to the studio to be part of the photos and I said “sure, of course”! I’ll be honest, I was expecting a lap dog, you know those small tiny ones? But nope it was a pit-bull and my god…she is the sweetest and FULL of energy! The energy my girls LOVED! Seriously, all my girls wanted do is play with her, they tried to sneak in the studio but of course there was only playing after the session was completed :)! This was the first time having a pet incorporated in photos and it was fun! Hoping to see this lovely couple once their little diva (totally the name Dalila gave her, which I think is adorable) arrives! Check it out   

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