Happy Valentine’s Day

This year, we plan to have a very heart-shaped Valentine’s Day dinner and treats with our children! We will have heart-shaped burgers (with regular fries) and heart-shaped freshly baked cookies! We cannot wait until tonight, it’s all about love and fancy dinners…and let’s be honest heart shaped burgers are fancy :-P!! Hope you are all having a nice day and have a wonderful weekend! Feel free to comment with what you’ll be doing 🙂 I’d love to read all about it!

by the way…why are my kiddos the most complicated to photograph as a group?! I know I’m not the only momtog (photographer that is a mother) who has this struggle haha…see for yourselves:

Maison is 5 months now!


All happy  and sort of cooperating…


guys look at meeee….meeee….mememememe (singing that)


okay how about silly faces….of course they like that idea except Maison hahaha


Maison’s bowtie and Miah’s blue headband are from Wisely Crafted Originals

Maison’s hat is from Knots

xo, Melz

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