Sweet 16 Session – Newark, New Jersey Photographer

As many of you know, I am strictly a maternity, newborn and child photographer but every now and then I think it is good to step out of the box! I was contacted by Karen to photograph her daughter for her upcoming birthday and it’s not just a regular birthday. it’s a sweet 16! The crazy part is I did not hesitate and I accepted this challenge, it was refreshing and fun to try something out of my element. I won’t mind accepting these kind of inquiries every now and then, so please feel free to spread the word. I will accept a limited quantity within a months time. Hope you all enjoy the photos!!

sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photographysweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-2 sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-1sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-3sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-4         sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-6sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-5sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-7sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-8sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-9sweet-16-session-newark-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-10

xo, Melz

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