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My family is everything to me. They are the reason I work so hard and try to find a balance with this busy life of mine (full time job, photography business, home duties AND tons of hug/kisses) and they will always be the reason for anything and everything. We had our photos taken on May 4th, a day before our 9 year anniversary and it is amazing how much we have grown as family. Three babies later and we are still madly in love, what a blessing. Marriage is absolutely one of the hardest relationships to maintain and I am proud of all the obstacles we have overcome as a unit. We are the foundation in our home, we take pride in what we love and always try to spread that love to our children. Nothing in this world can ever amount to what family means to me, family is everything. <3

Shout outs:

Wedding Photographer: Gricel’s Photography

Girl headbands: Love Crush Bowtique

Kiddos shirts: Three Little Numbers

Maison’s hat: Moonlight Little Knits

My make up: Natty Cakes

Hair: Linette

family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-1 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-2 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-3

She’s the boss, can’t you tell?

family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-4 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-5

She laughs in the face of naps (shirt reads: I laugh in the face of naps) – she is always the one that wakes us up at 7am 0_o

family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-6 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-7

The boob man, duhhh! #breastisbest #normalizebreastfeeding – proud #breastfeedingmomma

family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-8 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-9

he is a clown, everyone knows that 😛

family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-10 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-11 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-12 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-13 family-is-everything-new-jersey-photographer-melz-photography-14


we have come a long way Maison, our bond is beautiful



xo, Melz

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