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Meet another of my models, sweet and sleepy head Sebastian! I was in luck, both of my models from my newborn call were amazing. I mean all newborns are amazing but photographers’ love a newborn full of snooze (makes the session a breeze). Sebastian has two big sisters, Valentina and Sofia and I wanted to make sure to I gave momma a photo of all three as a bonus. As a mother of three,I know how much you want to capture those fresh moments between your children. Thank you for allowing me to use your baby as my model Cari!

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I posted a model call and found the models the same day. What a blessing! This particular model is special; special because I was his big sisters photographer. She was the beautiful Ariel mermaid and they were both a pleasure to have in the studio. Meet Ariel’s new baby brother, Aden. He was a such a sleepy head and did not open his eyes once. Thank you for allowing me to use your baby as my model Sandy!  

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The last time I photographed my niece was in 2012 and she was only 12 years old. At the beginning of my career, I used my family as subjects to practice, recreate an idea I liked and to help promote myself since I had no clientele. Thanks to my family, my business grew and my weekends began to fill up with sessions. A busy schedule lead to limited time to photograph anyone besides my clients and my kiddos. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this year has been full of several changes (good ones I assure you). I started photography because I always loved snapping photos and I thought what better hobby than one that I loved. Almost 4 years later and I have improved in my craft so much! BUT I haven’t shot anything outside of “work” (booked clients) and my kiddos. I want to get in touch with the inner-artist and photograph the random things my mind desires. That’s where this session came from; my niece is absolutely gorgeous and I want to give her a gift that years from now she can look at and smile. Meet my niece, Jasmine, my boo 😛 15 years young <3 I will offer ONE session a month to anyone outside of my specialty (maternity+newborn+children) such as couples, older children, teens, etc. If you’re interested please contact me ASAP.

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Thank you to Gricel’s Photography for accepting this feature! I have been thinking a lot lately on what I can offer you all aside from my typical client sessions. I think sharing some talented, hardworking and passionate small businesses is the perfect mix for this blog. As many have seen, Gricel’s Photography is my personal photographer and I know you are all very jealous (I don’t blame you either 😛 ). She has the ability to capture some of the best emotions and I’m glad she is willing to step out of her specialty and capture my family. Everyone please meet Gricel (photo credit to MarjorieDatuinphotography): Tell us a little about yourself, aside from photography: My name is Gricel, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am a newly married woman expecting my first child in December. I married my high school sweetheart, Danny, who is the love of my life and business partner. We have a PRECIOUS dog named Toby who is our first child in our eyes. Danny and I both are a part of Gricel’s Photography. You’ve been a Photographer since? I’ve been shooting for about 4 years now. Since my senior year in college. What is your specialty? I mainly focus on couples and weddings and dabble on sweet sixteens every now and then. Why weddings? I absolutely LOVE weddings. The magic of a couple expressing their love in front of hundreds of people and everyone rejoicing in their love is beautiful. I cry during father /daughter dances ALL THE …

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I’ve been the Cabreja’s photographer since 2012. (View here & here) It’s always a pleasure to have loyal clients and watch their family grow. It’s almost become tradition to capture her family during this of year. This year Yesenia wanted a beach session and it was a very windy day! Luckily, we still managed to get some great photos. Check her family out:

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Calling all expecting and new mommas for a FREE newborn mini session Sunday, July 20th and  Monday July 28th. •baby must be between 5-12 days •baby birth date, weight and length •must be willing travel to my studio located in Bloomfield, New Jersey Interested? Contact me! Or do you know someone who might be interested? Share this post with them.

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I cannot wrap my head around my 10 month old turning the BIG ONE in less than two months. When your baby is 9 months, it’s like “oh my little baby” but when they’re 10 months, they’ve hit the two digit number that brings them close to that BIG ONE. During my pregnancy, I had two other women in my life expecting. They weren’t just expecting a baby, they were having little men just like me! Triple the loving, sweet September babies! All three of my pregnancies I’ve been pregnant with other women, isn’t it like that for everyone tho? LOL! Anyways, I thought it would be pretty cool to capture these fun little guys together and share their beauty with you all! Meet Baby Maison (born the 7th, sike y’all met him before, here, here and here), Baby Josiah aka Jojo (born the 10th) and Baby Carlos aka Baby Cas (born the 11th). This session went completely….. CRAZY!! LOL They were upset except for Baby Carlos 😀 look at him, he was just so content <3 LOL, good times! Not everything is perfect in life 😛 Might offer a special for this sort of photography, maybe we can call it “baby and friends”? I don’t know but if you’re interested, drop me a note by clicking here.

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Jennifer’s maternity session was a relaxing and fun experience for me. She has three children, two girls and a little boy and they were all so well-behaved! Not that any of my clients’ kiddos misbehave, I’ve been lucky in that field 😀 . What I loved the most, was how Jennifer’s kiddos wanted to be part of the entire session especially her little guy. He kept asking to see behind the camera and hello, what photog doesn’t like to show off their work haha! This family is expecting a baby this month! There’s a catch tho, she doesn’t know the baby’s gender, only her husband does. I think she deserves a load of props for waiting on finding out gender because I am so impatient. My husband would have told me as soon as I annoyed him with my anxiety LOL. The baby’s gender will be revealed this weekend at her shower and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Stay tuned for her babies debut, for now check out her session:

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I am super excited to announce the grand opening of my studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey! As my past clients know, I was previously working out of a home-based studio since the beginning of my career. There have been many changes, developments and inspiration going on in my career this past year. I made the decision back in March that I would take a newborn workshop to polish up my newborn photography (click here to see). I am always reading, staying connected to my clients’ needs and always keeping tabs on the photography industry to ensure I am up to par. This grand opening means so much to me. I am self taught and took a risk at becoming a photographer a few years ago and would have never imagined to be where I am today. I’ve had this vision of working in a bigger space but never gave it the thought or attempted to pursue it. However, something clicked in my head this year and I realized that chasing your dreams doesn’t mean wishing for them, it means seizing any and/or all opportunities you come across. Life is what you make it and I plan to be a full time entrepreneur very, very soon. Photo credit to my iPhone 😛 I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my family and friends. Their support has been a blessing and I am so grateful for for them. Thank you and I love you all for it! Thank you to all my loyal clients and …

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What a blessing it was to learn from an inspiring and refreshing newborn photographer like Claudia. Captured by Claudia mentoring was a complete invaluable experience and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank her enough. I remember posting a facebook post on my business page about the decision I made in 2012 to specialize in newborn photography. I showcased my before and after in newborns so that people can see how far I’ve come. As soon I posted I came across Claudia’s workshop for the second time something literally clicked in my head and said: GO, CONTACT HER! I can’t explain it but it was like the photography Gods (totally joking haha) were tapping me on the shoulder and said: EMAIL HER NOW! And that’s exactly what I did, pretty much told her what I said on my Facebook and how I knew her workshop was what I NEEDED. It was that final push I needed to take my business to the next level. She replied and sent me an invoice to claim my spot and boom it was a done deal. Posed/styled by Claudia, captured by me Hands on portion, posing/styling/captured by me 🙂 As you all know, I have three little kiddos and I am currently breastfeeding my youngest. That’s all I thought about with the upcoming workshop. How am I going to do this? I don’t think it would have been possible if I didn’t have such an amazing and supportive husband. Really. Like he is the only person …

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My darling daughter, Miah (pronounced Mia) is THREE! How did that even happen? I remember her being the chunkiest little Asian baby (we are not Asian but she sure does resemble one a little, well actually somewhere down my father’s bloodline, there is some Chinese…pretty cool huh?). I remember her learning to walk at 9 months and how tiny she was that it didn’t even make sense for someone that small to walk. I remember weaning her off the pacifier and how devastated she was, I remember  giving LIFE to this pretty round faced beauty in just four hours. Where oh where did time go? I’m hoping it has gone in days full of learning and having fun. I could only hope she continues to enjoy her life! She’s only 3, but she is full of OCD habits (girl cannot have her clothes wet or dirty), giggles, why’s, smiles, sass and only loves to those worthy of it. Miah you are so loved (by many I may add) and I hope you know that! Also, the shoes were completely her idea and I was not up for a fight, so I let it slide. the shoes….(random fact these were her sisters) And of course my 5.5 year old wanted in, she graduated PreK this day…so why not?! LOL my daughter and her “babies”, well what do you know I’m a grandma to fake twin dolls

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Jayce’s first birthday was back in February and we know how crazy life can get but that did not stop Tamara from hiring a professional to capture this special milestone of her son. Our first attempt at capturing Jayce was an epic fail! He was super cranky and just did not want anything to do with photos. So we rescheduled and the second time around, he was the complete opposite! He was running away, playing and enjoying his session. I never force sessions on my clients especially not my little ones. This session was a blast and I hope you all giggle a little at some of the photos, check it out: Behind the scenes, yup he totally climbed this tree, all on his own LOL

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What a friendly little guy Anthony is! For his mini session, he was already waving at me as I approached him! Granted I’ve been his photographer since his mother was pregnant (click here to check out the session), so maybe we have a bond :-P? Who knows, all I know is that he was a blast to capture and I’m glad I’m his photographer. Michelle he’s a sweetheart and thank you for choosing me! Check him out: Proof that he is friendly (stranger walks by and Anthony is high five’n him):

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