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My darling daughter, Miah (pronounced Mia) is THREE! How did that even happen? I remember her being the chunkiest little Asian baby (we are not Asian but she sure does resemble one a little, well actually somewhere down my father’s bloodline, there is some Chinese…pretty cool huh?). I remember her learning to walk at 9 months and how tiny she was that it didn’t even make sense for someone that small to walk. I remember weaning her off the pacifier and how devastated she was, I remember  giving LIFE to this pretty round faced beauty in just four hours. Where oh where did time go? I’m hoping it has gone in days full of learning and having fun. I could only hope she continues to enjoy her life! She’s only 3, but she is full of OCD habits (girl cannot have her clothes wet or dirty), giggles, why’s, smiles, sass and only loves to those worthy of it. Miah you are so loved (by many I may add) and I hope you know that! Also, the shoes were completely her idea and I was not up for a fight, so I let it slide. the shoes….(random fact these were her sisters) And of course my 5.5 year old wanted in, she graduated PreK this day…so why not?! LOL my daughter and her “babies”, well what do you know I’m a grandma to fake twin dolls

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