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I am super excited to announce the grand opening of my studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey! As my past clients know, I was previously working out of a home-based studio since the beginning of my career. There have been many changes, developments and inspiration going on in my career this past year. I made the decision back in March that I would take a newborn workshop to polish up my newborn photography (click here to see). I am always reading, staying connected to my clients’ needs and always keeping tabs on the photography industry to ensure I am up to par. This grand opening means so much to me. I am self taught and took a risk at becoming a photographer a few years ago and would have never imagined to be where I am today. I’ve had this vision of working in a bigger space but never gave it the thought or attempted to pursue it. However, something clicked in my head this year and I realized that chasing your dreams doesn’t mean wishing for them, it means seizing any and/or all opportunities you come across. Life is what you make it and I plan to be a full time entrepreneur very, very soon. Photo credit to my iPhone 😛 I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my family and friends. Their support has been a blessing and I am so grateful for for them. Thank you and I love you all for it! Thank you to all my loyal clients and …

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