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I cannot wrap my head around my 10 month old turning the BIG ONE in less than two months. When your baby is 9 months, it’s like “oh my little baby” but when they’re 10 months, they’ve hit the two digit number that brings them close to that BIG ONE. During my pregnancy, I had two other women in my life expecting. They weren’t just expecting a baby, they were having little men just like me! Triple the loving, sweet September babies! All three of my pregnancies I’ve been pregnant with other women, isn’t it like that for everyone tho? LOL! Anyways, I thought it would be pretty cool to capture these fun little guys together and share their beauty with you all! Meet Baby Maison (born the 7th, sike y’all met him before, here, here and here), Baby Josiah aka Jojo (born the 10th) and Baby Carlos aka Baby Cas (born the 11th). This session went completely….. CRAZY!! LOL They were upset except for Baby Carlos 😀 look at him, he was just so content <3 LOL, good times! Not everything is perfect in life 😛 Might offer a special for this sort of photography, maybe we can call it “baby and friends”? I don’t know but if you’re interested, drop me a note by clicking here.

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