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Thank you to Gricel’s Photography for accepting this feature! I have been thinking a lot lately on what I can offer you all aside from my typical client sessions. I think sharing some talented, hardworking and passionate small businesses is the perfect mix for this blog. As many have seen, Gricel’s Photography is my personal photographer and I know you are all very jealous (I don’t blame you either ­čśŤ ). She has the ability to capture some of the best emotions and I’m glad she is willing to step out of her specialty and capture my family. Everyone please meet Gricel (photo credit to┬áMarjorieDatuinphotography): Tell us a little about yourself, aside from photography: My name is Gricel, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I am a newly married woman expecting my first child in December. I married my high school sweetheart, Danny, who is the love of my life and business partner. We have a PRECIOUS dog named Toby who is our first child in our eyes. Danny and I both are a part of Gricel’s Photography. You’ve been a Photographer since? I’ve been shooting for about 4 years now. Since my senior year in college. What is your specialty? I mainly focus on couples and weddings and dabble on sweet sixteens every now and then. Why weddings? I absolutely LOVE weddings. The magic of a couple expressing their love in front of hundreds of people and everyone rejoicing in their love is beautiful. I cry during father /daughter dances ALL THE …

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