Captured By Claudia Mentoring – New Jersey Newborn Photographer

What a blessing it was to learn from an inspiring and refreshing newborn photographer like Claudia. Captured by Claudia mentoring was a complete invaluable experience and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank her enough.captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-2

I remember posting a facebook post on my business page about the decision I made in 2012 to specialize in newborn photography. I showcased my before and after in newborns so that people can see how far I’ve come. As soon I posted I came across Claudia’s workshop for the second time something literally clicked in my head and said: GO, CONTACT HER! I can’t explain it but it was like the photography Gods (totally joking haha) were tapping me on the shoulder and said: EMAIL HER NOW! And that’s exactly what I did, pretty much told her what I said on my Facebook and how I knew her workshop was what I NEEDED. It was that final push I needed to take my business to the next level. She replied and sent me an invoice to claim my spot and boom it was a done deal.

Posed/styled by Claudia, captured by me

captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-3 captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-4
Hands on portion, posing/styling/captured by me 🙂
As you all know, I have three little kiddos and I am currently breastfeeding my youngest. That’s all I thought about with the upcoming workshop. How am I going to do this? I don’t think it would have been possible if I didn’t have such an amazing and supportive husband. Really. Like he is the only person I trust for that long of period to stay with our kiddos! I was away for 3.5 days and I don’t regret one bit! I learned more in those two days than I could have ever imagined. I wish I could explain it but I can’t and well…I sort of can’t even if I could. I’ll let these quick before and afters speak for themselves (sort of how Photography by Claudia Soto did here)
newborn-baby-wyneair-melz-photography-5 newborn-ronald-newark-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-6
I also had the pleasure to meet Melissa from Melissa Reibe Photography and Stephanie from Stephanie Jane Portraits. They were fun to chat, laugh and learn with at CBC mentoring. Check these ladies out while you’re at it! It was a good time, see below hehe 🙂 nothing like some behind the scenes!
captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-8captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-9 captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-7 captured-by-claudia-mentoring-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-5

xo, Melz

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