Newborn Sebastian – New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Meet another of my models, sweet and sleepy head Sebastian! I was in luck, both of my models from my newborn call were amazing. I mean all newborns are amazing but photographers’ love a newborn full of snooze (makes the session a breeze). Sebastian has two big sisters, Valentina and Sofia and I wanted to make sure to I gave momma a photo of all three as a bonus. As a mother of three,I know how much you want to capture those fresh moments between your children. Thank you for allowing me to use your baby as my model Cari!

newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-1 newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-4 newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-5 newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-6 newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-7 newborn-sebastian-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-78png

xo, Melz

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