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It’s been far too long since I last photographed my son Maison. (View last one here.) This will be the last time you will see him as a “baby”, his big day is coming! You know the day he becomes a toddler! Waaaa. I can’t believe he will be walking soon (which he is already standing alone for like 5 seconds!!) and he already talks and says: Mama, Papa, Hi, Bye, That and Ruben (his favorite person because I’m his first hehe). I remember when we found out we were expecting a third baby (check the journey here) and the excitement to meet the little person who would make our family complete. This set is from The Moonlight Shadow and I was suppose to use it for his 6 month session but I kept holding off. Thankfully I said to myself “do it now before his first birthday photos” and I did it! Grabbed my kids, my assistant (my niece) and went to my secret location (just kidding it was a regular park). Maison was the least interested in the session but that made it an even better turn out. Check him out:

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