Lukas Jose’s Newborn Session – Bloomfield, New Jersey Newborn Photographer

It’s been the year of boys since last year LOL! I’ve had less than 5 girls in the past year but that doesn’t mean anything other than using less pink and less bows. I’ve been enjoying these little boys and they’ve been so good to me! Lukas Jose is Vanessa’s first baby and the cutest little guy ever. He snoozed the entire time, aside from doing #1 on momma and #2 on my fave blanket hehe! (Listen, that’s what it’s all about!) Lukas session was fun and creative yet simple, just how I like it. Vanessa I hope you are enjoying him and love the photos. Check him out:

lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-1 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-2 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-3

BTW, these are his blankets – such a sweet touch <3 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-4 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-5 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-6 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-7 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-8 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-9 lukas-joses-newborn-session-bloomfield-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-10

xo, Melz

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