Newborn Adalys – New Jersey Newborn Photographer

Adalys was my third and final newborn from July’s model call. She was a small 6 pound beauty who put up a fight but couldn’t resist taking a nap (because of my magic tricks). She has a big brother who we were able to bribe (sort of lol) to take a quick photo with her. Meet sweet little Adalys:

newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-1 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-2 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-3 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-4 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-5 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-6 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-7 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-8 newborn-adalys-new-jersey-newborn-photographer-melz-photography-9

Shout out to the vendors: Wisely Crafted Originals (mint headband), SimplySweet Baby Hats (yellow headpiece) and LePetite Couture Designs (orange and teal/ivory headband)

xo, Melz

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