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There is so much that comes along with ANY kind of speciality; whether it is photography, baking, knitting etc. I have been a photographer since late 2010 but I never considered myself one until the ending of 2011. I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be so I preferred calling myself an “aspiring photographer”. Since then, there have been several changes in my business but the one thing that has never changed is my VISION. My vision remains the same and I always try to explain it to the best of my ability but I think my work speaks for itself or at least I hope it does. Simple, detailed, timeless and memorable.

I made the decision to sharpen up my skills in newborn photography (click here to read) and I’ve opened up a studio outside of my residence. However, there are many that do not understand the art, hardwork, dedication and most importantly the “WHY” behind newborn photography. I can’t speak for the entire industry or other photographers but in the following “behind the scenes” video you will see what it’s all about for my business and myself.

HUGE shout to Chris Cassidy for this video, if you’re interested in contacting him, please check him out here:

As always, THANK YOU to all my supporters; your support is means more to me than you can imagine.

If you’re expecting and are interested in a newborn session, please contact me as soon as possible. Spots are limited and I wouldn’t want to turn you away. Every parent deserves timeless photos of their littlest joy.

Here is quick read on one of my latest newborn sessions:
I have tried every package Melz offers and specializes in. When it comes to photography I had no idea how speechless Melz would leave me especially when she edited the final product and shared it. However what meant more to me was just not capturing a specific shot but the patience, dedication, constituency of how Melz handles herself to make sure I as the client and my family were calm, relaxed, and comfortable for each session. She is someone anyone would love to work with she truly knows what she brings to the table of photography and it speaks for itself. I highly recommend her to all my family and friends. Once you go with MelzPhotography believe me her work is one of a kind and can not be duplicated. I took the risk of working with Melz and I don’t regret it one bit sometimes a SIMPLE SHOT will make you fall in love and the investment will be that much worth it . Read more here.

xo, Melz

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