How to take better photos with your iPhone – Part One – New Jersey Photographer 

I LOVE taking photos! Would you believe me if I said I don’t carry my Nikon everywhere with me? Well, believe it. I’m just like everyone else, snapping those precious day to day moments with my iPhone. If you’re following me on Instagram, then you know how much I LOVE to gently (or not so gently) edit my photos. I prefer to use other apps vs the filters provided on Instagram. My top two apps are PicTapGo and Mextures but I’ll get into that in a bit.

It’s safe to say everyone enjoys taking photos, especially proud mommas. What if I told you, you can easily improve your very own photo-taking skills? Yes you can improve your iPhone photos by reading and understanding the below tips.

How to take better photos with your iPhone.

Let’s start with the basic, getting your images to represent your style. Yes I said it, style! I’m not talking fashion, I’m talking taste, colors, vision but all from within. Think about the colors you love, think about if you like your images to be brightly lit or dark and moody or maybe a little of both? Whichever it is, that’s your style and how you edit is your vision coming to life.

Let’s talk lighting: Your lighting is everything! What if I told you not every photo needs the flash? As long as you’re in a room with some light, you’re okay! You want to avoid those harsh shadows in your photos (unless you love the artistic touch of shadows then by all means keep it on).

Example, if you’re taking a photo of your delicious salad, don’t use flash and just go next to a window. This way, the natural lights lightens up your photo and helps the colors in your salad pop nicely. Flash can sometimes wash out colors.


Always try to figure out where your light is coming from and what’s your main focus in your photo, if you want to capture your child missing a tooth, don’t take the photo in the dark because then you’ll need to use flash. Go to your bathroom, pick the brightest spot of the room and snap away!

Here’s a photo of my son and I at the train station, no flash, no filter. Sun was shining bright behind us and lit us perfectly.


Angles: Angles will either make it or break it. Let’s say you’re taking a #selfie (sorry I can’t seem to write that without a hashtag in front of it lol), you don’t want to take it shooting up your chin, you don’t want the camera extremely close either. You want enough distance to create some depth of field and make the angle compliment your natural beauty.

Here’s an example: (window was behind me)


If you’re taking a photo of a group, you normally create enough distance to capture the entire group but also to make sure everyone comes out looking great. Why? Because the bigger the distance the better the depth of field and the better chances of a nice angle.

Example of a group shot: although there wasn’t much distance we managed to get the best angle.


Focus: You want your main focus to be in focus! Make sure to double tap the part you want in focus before snapping. If you’re taking a photo of your child, you want to double tap their face. If it’s a close-up, you want to make sure you double tap their eyes. Why? Because when you look at a photo of someone, what’s the first thing you see? Their eyes.

Here are some examples

Focus point was the baby puff:

Focus point was on his lashes:


Now how do I use the above information along with the two apps I mentioned before to enhance the beauty in my photos? Simple, I have a vision and style that I like to keep consistent across all my photos. Granted the filter I’ll use for my salad won’t necessarily be the one I use for my #selfie. I like to enhance my colors but not too much and I love pinkish skin tones.

Below are examples of the photos filtered differently.

Here is one photo with one of my “recipes” for PicTapGo:


Here is one photo with one of my “formula” for Mextures:


And here is a quick before and after (edited via PicTapGo):


If you’re interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me. There will be more parts to this new series of “how to take better photos”!

xo, Melz

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