Maison’s First Birthday – New Jersey Baby Photographer 

How did this even happen? How did a year already flash before my eyes?! This past year has been one of the most memorable years ever. I thought my life was complete in January 2013 until I found out I was expecting again, for the third time. I always wanted a son but I never expected to actually have one! I am so grateful God granted me the privilege to give life to one and now raise him. I thought I understood the bond between a mother and son because my second child, Miah, is very close to me. Boy was I wrong. The bond my son and I have is unbelievable! Maybe it’s because I breastfeed or maybe it’s because by the third baby you know how fast time flies and you soak it all in better. I. Don’t. Know. However, I do know that my son is special, extra special because at the lowest point in my life, he was my companion. He was my sunshine on my gloomiest days.

*I’ve always said with every pregnancy, you learn new things, a little part of you dies yet another part awakens. I’ve learned and grown so much from each of my pregnancies. They’re all equally special moments in my life.*

Maison, I wish you the BEST and hope that you’ve enjoyed your first year of life. It is only the beginning and I promise to never let you down.

The little guy is now walking and talking, check out his previous sessions by clicking here

Here’s a quick before, middle and after:



Cake is from Boca Doce Baking || Hat by Angie’s Tutus and More

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maisons-first-birthday-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-8 maisons-first-birthday-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-9 maisons-first-birthday-new-jersey-baby-photographer-melz-photography-10

xo, Melz

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