Newborn Session

Where do I begin, newborns are my ultimate favorite subject to photograph, they are the purest of all and a complete pleasure to have in my studio. Every newborn is different, you have some that are calm and easily flexible, others that are full of smiles but fight their sleep. Many look at newborn photography and think “well that looks easy” but that is not necessarily true. A newborn session can range from an hour to four hours depending on the baby. You might be asking yourself “but how can that be, my baby sleeps all day”, yes I know, but your baby is fully dressed and is not being bothered while he/she is sleeping. There’s a range of tricks and patience that come into play for newborn photography.

It is highly recommended expecting parents prebook their due date immediately so the session fees are paid before baby arrives (when you book, your due date is written down in my books; session is scheduled once baby is born).

Spots are limited and sometimes I cannot squeeze in last minute request. It is best for baby to be between 5-14 days as they are the most flexible and sleepier at that age. All sessions are held in my Belleville, NJ studio.

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Melz Photography is a full service photography studio. We provide clients with beautiful imagery along with products for you to showcase at home. You will be able to order prints, canvas, albums, digital images and other products from us. We are there by your side to help you with your image selections and try to make the entire process enjoyable and fun.

Every session comes with a blog post on my website that you can easily share with family and friends via email, social media or text message. (Images on blog are low-resolution and optimized for blog purposes only.)

Newborn session; covers a 2-3 hour session, covers styling, posing and all props and family/siblings posing are also included.

**Digital images are not included in the session fee. Digital images and products are available via a la carte pricing.**

The session fee is due as a deposit in order to book. All session orders are subject to be taxed 7% unless you are out of the state.

I accept all debit/credit cards and cash.

 *all sessions are non-refundable*

 Remember they are only this small and peaceful this once and there’s no better way to freeze time for a lifetime than photos.

*If you’re interested please contact me as soon as possible to ensure the date you want is available!

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